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Your Rights as a Client


Here at PCLS, we work to inform our clients of their rights, and help them empower themselves to enforce these rights. We believe everyone should have the right to a decent income, adequate secure shelter, an education, appropriate medical care and freedom from any discrimination, harassment and violence. Some of these rights are recognized in law. Some rights are not yet recognized in law, and we work to make that happen. Here is a quick summary of some legal rights, in the areas the clinic works in.

Social Assistance, Violence & Health

  • the right to apply for social assistance and to be informed about eligibility requirements
  • the right to a pension when disabled
  • the right to appeal from denial of benefits or alleged overpayments
  • the right to be compensated for injuries resulting from violence such as partner assault, sexual assault, childhood sexual abuse, racist or homophobic assault
  • mental health rights, including reviews of commitment order, and reviews of the work of the Public Guardian and Trusteeship (PG&T)
  • the right to make complaints to professional bodies such as College of Physicians and Surgeons involving violence against women



  • the right to make a refugee claim, and to remain in Canada while that claim is processed
  • the right not to be removed to places where you will suffer persecution or physical harm
  • the right to be considered for landing from within Canada on 'humanitarian and compassionate' grounds
  • the right of landing
  • the right of family reunification for refugees
  • the right to work in Canada
  • the right to schooling for immigrant children
  • the right to hospital and medical care for immigrants
  • the right to invite relative to visit
  • the right to sponsor relatives for landing
  • the right to review deportation orders and refusals of sponsorship applications
  • the right to judicially review decisions of the Immigration Department


Workers’ Rights

  • Basic rights in the workplace, including payment of unpaid wages, minimum wage, pay for overtime, termination pay, and other entitlements
  • Human rights in the workplace, including the right to be free from discrimination and harassment
  • Rights of injured workers to workers’ compensation (WSIB)
  • right to employment insurance benefits (EI)
  • rights of “independent contractors”, temporary workers, domestic workers, and workers without status ["illegals"]
  • the right to be free from police and security guard harassment and violence especially where directed at members of marginalized groups


Landlord and Tenant

  • the right to a well maintained apartment and attention to disrepair
  • the right to and adequate supply of vital services such as heat, hydro and water
  • the right to regulated, limited rent increases with 90 days notice
  • the right to privacy
  • the right to an eviction process before any eviction, with the right to raise defences and claim relief from forfeiture
  • the right to challenge illegal evictions
  • the right to be free from harassment, discrimination and undue noise
  • the right to terminate a tenancy with proper notice
  • the right to assign or sublet
  • the right to interest on rent deposits





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